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The Azalean (ISSN-1085-5343) magazine is the journal of the Azalea Society of America. One of the major benefits of membership, it is published and mailed to the members in the spring, summer, fall and winter of each year. Normally, each issue is 24 pages, 16 of them in color.

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Work has begun to put back issues of The Azalean online.

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We depend on our readers as the primary source of informative azalea-related articles in The Azalean. We welcome articles, whether rough or polished, on any and all aspects of azaleas, such as their care, their use in the landscape, azalea gardens, azaleas in the wild, azalea festivals, azalea hybrid groups, new azalea introductions, companion plants, . . ., and anything else relating to azaleas. Our editors, Connie Cottingham and Mike Sikes, are ready to work with authors as appropriate. Send them an e-mail to discuss your interest in writing an article, or to send them your article. They prefer to get articles as Microsoft Word documents, with pictures as JPEG files at least 4 x 6 inches at 300 pixels per inch.

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Back issues of The Azalean are available at a cost of $1 per order plus $1 for each copy for US delivery, or $2 per order plus $2 for each copy for overseas delivery.

Click this back issues link for full information on buying back issues.

August 16, 2013