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This (interim) azalea index gives the spelling, hybrid group and source of the accepted names for about 10,000 azaleas, along with their published synonyms and spelling errors, and links to pictures of many those azaleas. Collecting and publishing these names was possible only with generous permission from Timber Press to use information from their Azaleas book by Fred C. Galle, and from the Royal Horticultural Society to use information from their International Rhododendron Register and Checklist.

The pictures have been contributed by members of the Azalea Society and others. Many more pictures are needed; contact Bob Stelloh for details on getting them to us.


organization   The index is divided into many pages. Each page starts with a set of links to all the pages, as shown above. Each link shows the first three letters of the first and last name on that page. Thus, for example, occidentale is on the Nuc-Orl page. To find a name of interest, either use the above links or use the search box on the left to get to the right page, and then scroll to the name or use your browser find.

sequence   The azalea names are sequenced ignoring punctuation and spaces, e.g., 'B. Y. Morrison' appears after 'Bycendron' and before 'Byron'.

notation   Names of cultivars have initial capitals and are enclosed in single quotes, e.g., 'Amy'. Names of species are in italics, without initial capitals, e.g., occidentale. Common names and breeder codes have initial capitals without quotes, e.g., Smooth Azalea.

synonyms   Names in parentheses are synonyms, variations, known spelling errors or breeder codes of the accepted name, which is shown in bold before the parentheses, e.g.,
    'Laura Morland' ('Mrs. Morland', U4-1).
Names followed by see are synonyms, variations, or spelling errors of the accepted name, which is linked after the see, e.g.,

Updated May 21, 2007