Legacy Project Overview

A large number of hybridizers, including members of the Azalea Society of America, have developed beautiful hybrid varieties of azaleas. Many of these varieties have not been introduced to commercial markets and have not been widely distributed.

An Overview to the Legacy Project itself, which describes the project and the suggested actions to be taken, and artifacts to be created or acquired, is available below in the Attachments section. Also available is a PowerPoint™ presentation on the overall Legacy Project.

The tabs below take you to the information on each of the Legacy Projects.

The Legacy Project is a means of increasing the knowledge of these hybridizers and their hybrids. It also encourages the propagation and introduction of these hybrids to a wider population.

The key component to the Legacy Project is the Legacy Team, headed up by a Legacy Lead. The Legacy Lead coordinates all of the efforts of the team.  Team members with particular skills may actually belong to multiple teams (e.g., someone skilled at plant propagation might perform that task for multiple Legacy Teams, as might someone skilled in creating PowerPoint presentations). The suggested team makeup is:

  • Legacy Lead responsible for coordinating all aspects of the team
  • Powerpoint (or other presentation software) expert (to create presentations)
  • Presenters (someone comfortable with giving talks on the hybrids)
  • Photographers (to record flowers and plant habit and to assist in providing photographs for the database and the presentations)
  • Data collectors/historians
  • Data entry personnel (someone who is comfortable entering data into a database)
  • Propagators (members who have success in propagating cuttings)
  • Nurserymen (members who can raise rooted cuttings to sale size – this can also include professional nurseries which offer the cultivars for sale)
  • Gardeners (members who have the cultivars planted and can provide cuttings)

​If you are interested in becoming a Legacy Lead, or have further questions, please email the Legacy Project point of contact.


The Azalean, Spring 2020 - 2020 Update on the ASA's Legacy Project Rick Bauer
The Azalean, Winter 2013 - Legacy Project Overview Rick Bauer
The Azalean, Winter 2017 - Legacy Project Update Rick Bauer
Legacy Project Guidelines Rick Bauer
Legacy Project Presentation Rick Bauer