Officers and Board

National officers and directors are elected for two year terms coincident with the national convention. Much of the business of the Society is done by the Board of Directors, composed of the national officers and directors and the chapter presidents, and by a number of national committees. The current officers are:
National Officers National Committee Chairs
President Charlie Andrews Advertising Denise Lanclos
Vice President Tom Johnson Archives Jeanne Hammer
Secretary Donna Palmer Awards Robert "Buddy" Lee & Barbara Stump
Treasurer Paul Beck Azalea City Robert "Buddy" Lee
Past President Rick Bauer Azalea Research Hale Booth
Editor, The Azalean Kathy Jentz Back Issues Susan Bauer
Webmasters Dave Banks, Paul Beck By-Laws Rick Bauer
Terms expire 2022 Fred Anderson Finance Paul Beck
Aaron Cook Membership Vacant
Andy Whipple Nominating Rick Bauer
Terms expire 2023 Michael Bamford Seed Exchange Lindy Johnson
Dale Berrong
Dr. John Simmons
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