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The Azalean is the official journal of the Azalea Society of America, devoted to the culture, propagation and appreciation of azaleas. It is published four times a year. Each issue is 24 pages, 16 of them in full color. It is mailed worldwide, with over 95% in the United States.

The Azalean is your most cost-effective way to reach the single largest collection of azalea buyers, growers, gardeners and garden writers. The “rule of thumb” to determine what it costs to reach your target audience is to multiply the circulation of a magazine by the percentage of its circulation that matches your target audience, and to then divide that into the cost of a full page ad.

In this case, your target audience is azalea buyers, along with the garden writers who influence them. The Azalea Society membership ranges from 700 to 800 each year, most of them avid azalea buyers, growers and gardeners, along with a number of garden writers. Thus, The Azalean delivers your advertising message directly to over 1,000 azalea buyers (over one third of our members are joint members). The $300 cost of a full page ad divided by those 1,000 buyers is a modest $0.30 per buyer. Then, as a bonus, your ad reaches the garden writers who indirectly influence azalea purchases by a much larger target audience.

Upon request, we can publish a summary of your ad text on the Sources page of our website at no extra cost. We can also provide one or two active links with your e-mail address and/or website address for $25 per year, and we can provide an active link to a page on our website with the text and image content you furnish for $100 per year. The summary is available at no extra cost to an advertiser with a 1/3 page or larger ad, for the duration of the ad. Since our website is consistently listed in the first ten “azaleas” results by major web search engines, this gives your ad essentially unlimited exposure.

The Azalean is an unbeatable buy for advertising space to reach the dedicated azalea buyer. An ad in The Azalean should be an essential part of your overall marketing plan, since we are so precisely targeted to those buyers, and our place in the world of azaleas is so respected.

The Azalean ad rates are based on our production and distribution costs, as we publish azalea-related ads primarily as a service to our readers.

To arrange for an ad, please email the Advertising Manager or print and complete the Advertising Agreement form and email or mail it to the ASA Treasurer at:

Azalea Society of America
2963 Fort Lee St
Oak Hill, VA 20171-1812