Azalea Research

The Azalea Research Fund of the Azalea Society of America was formed to encourage and support research related to azaleas. The Fund welcomes applicants who seek grants to help the Society in this endeavor. Please review the detailed areas of interest that the Fund will consider funding when applying for a research grant, using the application form we provide.

Research grants may be awarded in amounts ranging from $500 to $5000 based on the merit to the society. Funds are for projects ranging from 1 to 3 years, and are to be used at the discretion of the recipient, except not for institutional overhead.

Grants are provided with the stipulation that the research project results will be documented in a form suitable for publication in the ASA quarterly journal The Azalean.

Proposals may be submitted at any time, for consideration for the following year. All proposals are evaluated by members of the Azalea Research Committee, based solely on the proposal value to the ASA and the probability of its successful completion.

Please feel free to contact the Fund chairman at Azalea Research Fund or write him at
Azalea Research Fund
Hale Booth
7085 Sawyer Road
Signal Mountain TN 37377

Areas of Research Interest

The areas of primary research interests of the ASA are listed here.

Classification (Systematic Botany)
• plant identification
• chromosome studies
• phylogenetic grouping

• climatic hardiness
• disease resistance
• pest resistance
• plant habit
• flowering improvement (apoximis in plants, polyploidy, color)
• studies relating to mechanized programs for hybridizer record keeping
• naming and registration standards for new introductions

• studies regarding the prevention of diseases and pest, such as:
Exobasidium vaccinii (leaf gall)
Phytopthora (root rot)
Phomopsis (die back)
Ovulinia (petal blight)
• fertilization influence
• pruning
• growing-on procedures, maintenance, schedules, etc. for rooted cuttings, seedlings and tissue culture plants

Public Relations, Education:
• illustrated papers
• computerized presentations regarding all aspects of growing azaleas for the average gardener
• how-to booklets

research grant application form

To help ensure our proper evaluation of your application, please:

  • submit the form online and print a copy for your file; or
  • print this form, complete it, and send it as your application; or
  • send us substantially the same information asked for here.

You may include extra pages as required (referenced to the above numbers), and any desired supporting information concerning bibliographic references, related projects and curricula vitae of the researcher(s).

If you are mailing the application, please submit the application form and any supplemental information as an MS Word or PDF file to: Azalea Research Fund or write the chairman at:
Azalea Research Fund
Hale Booth
7085 Sawyer Road
Signal Mountain TN 37377