Dodd’s Confederate Series

The Confederate Series of Native Azaleas were selected from a cross of Rhododendron austrinum and Rhododendron x ‘Hotspur Yellow’. This cross was made by Bob Schwindt at Dodd & Dodd Nurseries in Semmes AL, the seed were planted by Tom Dodd Sr. and Tom III made the evaluations and named them per Mr. Schwindt’s request. The Exbury Azaleas couldn’t take the heat of the deep south. The R. austrinum blood gives them the heat tolerance and vigor that we need here. Below is a list with the colors, etc. Most of them are difficult to propagate and grow, but do well once they are planted in semi-shade with good drainage. (Click the thumbnails for larger images.)

 RhododendronxAdmiralSemmes R. ‘Admiral Semmes’ Solid yellow The easiest to grow Admiral Semmes was skipper of the CSS Alabama and he still holds the record for number of enemy ships sunk or captured
 RhododendronxColMosby R. ‘Colonel Mosby’ Pink with yellow flag Col Mosby was known as the “Gray Ghost’ because of his ability to attack, cause trouble, and then disappear
 RhododendronxAdmiralBuchanan R. ‘Admiral Franklin Buchanan’ Deep orange Named for the skipper of the CSS Virginia (Merrimac) and later Admiral in charge of Mobile Bay
 R. Emma Sansom R. ‘Emma Sansom’ Soft pink and yellow This lady had the courage to lead the southern troops through difficult terrain and attack the Yankees from the rear
 RhododendronxFrederick O Douglass R. ‘Frederick O Douglass’ Soft Pink A southern (Maryland) hero and one of the greatest orators of all time
 RhododendronxJeb Stuart R. ‘JEB Stuart’ Pink with yellow flag, much like ‘Col Mosby’ but blooms later (Remember, Stuart was late getting to Gettysburg)
 RhododendronxLeroy Broun R. ‘Maj Leroy Broun’ Deep orange Named for a Confederate officer who later became President of Auburn University
 RhododendronxNathanBedfordForrest R. ‘Nathan Bedford Forrest’ Orange Named for the best General from the South during the “recent unpleasantness”
 R. Private Lafayette Acree R ‘Pvt Lafayette Acree’ Ruffled orange Named for Tom Dodd’s ancestor that was a hero during the “recent unpleasantness” He and two other privates captured Gen Crittington and his entire staff at the beginning of the war When asked about his time in the army in his later years, he said “I never believed in secession anyway”
 RhododendronxRobert E Lee R. ‘Gen Robert E Lee’ The closest in the series to red Hardest to grow A hero to all southerners
 R. Stonewall Jackson R. ‘Stonewall Jackson’ Medium orange The largest of the series