Haag Azaleas

Hybrids of Russ and Velma Haag

ABUNDANT (88-22) (Francesca x Vivacious) Floriferous, bright red flowers, good foliage.
ALMOST (86-02) (fortunei x Goldsworth Orange) #1 Rose flowers, almost orange. Others of this cross similar.
APRICOT GLORY (87-14) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Ted’s Yellow] Peach flowers with deep yellow throat.
APRICOT GLOW (87-14) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Ted’s Yellow] Maybe better than above.
AROMA (83-11) [(Cadis x Wheatley) x decorum] Very fragrant pink flowers.
ARROW FEATHERS (Moser’s Maroon x Marcat) #3 Bi-color flowers, white center and reddish purple edges, late blooming.
BALD EAGLE (86-01) (white fortunei x Madonna) Very large white flowers.
BARBARA HAAG (maximum Leechii x Ted’s Yellow) #2 Floriferous, pale yellow flowers, well formed truss, very hardy but open plant.
BEAUCATCHER (79-15) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Mary Belle]
BLISS (Scintillation x Mary Belle)
BLUE RIDGE (Russautini x augustinni, Gable selection) (Lepidote) 4′ Late April -10 A semi-dwarf similar to Blue Diamond, but a better performer· in the Southeast. Violet blue flowers
BONANZA (88-26) Goldsworth Orange selfed Hardier than its parents. Orange flowers. Cecil Smith cross.
BOOMERANG [(Mars x yakushimanum) x (Cadis x Witchdoctor)] Bright red hose-in-hose flowers. George Ring cross.
BOUNTIFUL (87-06) (fortunei x Martha Phipps) Good habit, floriferous, pink flowers.
BREVARD BEAUTY (88-32) (maximum x thomsonii x Moniz) #6 Deep red flowers.
BREVARD BOUQUET (87-24) (Moonshot open pollinated) Excellent plant habit. Floriferous,pink flowers.
BREVARD SUNSET (88-15) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Ted’s Yellow] Deep yellow funnel shaped flowers with red flare.
BUTTER CREAM (87-15) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Ted’s Yellow] Light yellow flowers..
CAROLINA ROSE SEEDLING (Early)  Light peachy pink, excellent dense foliage.
CAROLINA ROSE SEEDLING (Late) Shrimp pink flowers, similar to M.L. Webb but more dense.
CASABLANCA (86-07) (white fortunei x Mary Garrison)
CHEERFULNESS (88-16) {[catfortcampy x lacteum] x [vernicosum x (Nereid x discolor)]}  Tight, compact plant. Large pastel pink flowers.
CHEROKEE (78-04) (Atroflo seedling x Mary Belle x Marcat) Unusally colored flowers, a blend of rose and oranges. In bloom attracts viewers directly to it.
CHERRYFIELD (87-46) {[maximum x thompsonii] x [(fortunei x haematodes) x Frazzles]} Good foliage. Fine bi-color flowers, red edges and white centers.
CLOUD NINE [Catalgla x (fortunei x Madonna)] 4′ Mid-May -15 Good dark foliage. Grows well in the Southern Piedmont and mountains. Fragrant, large wavy white flowers with a touch of pink in bud.
COMET (87-20) (Greengold x Goldenstar) Good plant habit. Longlasting flowers of good texture, deep yellow.
COPPERTONE (88-05) [(vernicosum x Nereid x discolor) x Old Copper] Peach color, fading to lighter shade, small dark red blotch.
CREAM PUFF (87-30) (Queen Annex Goldenstar) Double light peach flowers fading to cream. Dr. Kehr cross.
CURLICUE [(Mars x yakushimanum) x (Cadis x Witchdoctor)] Spectacular red flowers with white curled back calyx. George Ring cross.
DEEP RED (87-45) (maximum x thompsonii x Moniz #26) Needs shade. Large, very dark red flower trusses
DEPENDABLE (keiskei x dwarf keiskei) (Lepidote) Good compact form of keiskei. Small leaved dwarf. Yellow flowers.
EARLY BIRD (86-08) (Paul Vossberg x Monez #26) Needs shade. Good red flowers.
EUPHORIA (86-11) [(fortunei, pink x Ole Olson) x dichroanthum x fortunei (yellow throat)]
EXALTATION (88-33) (fortunei x Goldsworth Orange) Large bright rose flowers, bi-color shading to an orange throat. Reuben cross.
EXUBERANT (88-06) (Mars x Naomi) Good foliage and habit. Deep fluorescent pink flowers.
FABULOUS (white fortunei) x auriculatum) Very large fragrant flowers, near white. Late bloom, large vigorous plant.
FANTASTIC (Dexter’s Champagne x Medusa) Surprisingly hardy. Tubular florets, orange rose. Dark glossy foliage, narrow leaves
FIRST LADY (86-10) [(Atroflo x Mary Belle) x [(fortunei x haematodes) x Frazzles]]
GENUINE (80-14) (Mary Belle, open pollinated)
GIGANTIC (87-27) (Janet Blair x Hardy Giant) Sturdy, large leaved plant.Large, near white flower trusses.
GOLD LEAF (81-06) (Odee Wright x wardii) Pale yellow flowers.
GOLD MINE (87-23) [(wardii x discolor) F2 x yellow seedling] Deep green foliage. Long lasting good yellow flowers of heavy texture.
GOLDEN DELICIOUS (87-29) {(catfortcampy-lacteum hybrid) x [Goldfort x (Idealist x Hawk x Idealist]} Dark, shiny green foliage. Rosy pink buds, deep yellow flowers. One of the best yellows we’ve seen, but needs further testing for hardiness.
GOOD FORTUNE (fortunei hybrid) Early May -15 Dark green leaves. Fragrant white flowers. Good dense foliage, holds well.
GRATUITY (calostrotum x Arctic Pearl) #I April Beautiful purple winter foliage. A mass of pink bloom in the spring, small shiny round leaves.
GREAT SMOKY (vemicosum x Hardy Giant ) # 3 6′ May -15 Handsome shiny dark green foliage. Light lavender flowers with a darker blotch. Vigorous plant habit and large trusses.
GREENGOLD (Madonna x unknown yellow) Good green foliage. Dependable yellow. (Our first yellow, 1971.)
HAAG’S PEPPERMINT (Pygmalion x haematodes x yakushimanum Exbury) Fine plant. Pink on outside of floret, white inside. Beautiful color combination in bud and as it opens. Dr. Kehr cross.
HAPPY HOUR (88-12) (Degrammar x Monez #26) Pink flowers.
HONEYBUTTER Yellow, parentage lost.
HONEYBUN (81-25) [ (Greengold x Ted Yellow) o.p. ]
HONEYCOMB (81-18) (Mary Belle x vemicosum 18139) Heavy textured flowers, tan and yellow.
ILLUSION (87-41) (Madonna x hose-in-hose white) Large white with corolloid calyx.
IRRIDESCENCE (87-37) (Gioxineum x Fred Monez #26) Good grower with bright fuschia flowers.
JACKPOT (Greengold selfed) Large deep yellow flowers.
JIM DANDY (78-06) (yellow fortunei x Marcat) Early May Rosy peach flowers, good large truss.
LEGACY (88-13) (Paul Vossburg x Moniz #6) Needs shade. Large deep red flower trusses.
LUMINOUS (88-07) (Discolor x Virgin x Cameo) Strong growing plant, good foliage. Creamy yellow flowers with green blotch.
LUSTROUS (88-17) (Mary Belle x Monez #9) Yellow flowers.
M AND M (maximum x macabeanum) Hardy, vigorous, sturdy plant.Bloom cream with purple throat, waxy flowers.
MAINSTAY (86-04) (Degrammar x Monez #26)
MANDARIN (78-10) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Frazzles] Fine dense plant. Hose-in-hose orange red flowers,a most unusual color.
MARCIA HAAG (86-03) (maximum Leachii x Ted’s Yellow) #1 Hardy plant, pale yellow flowers.
MY FAIR LADY (87-07) (Haag’s Choice x Cameo) Probably tender. Hose-in Hose coral pink flowers, recurved calyx.
NIP AND TUCK (88-23) (fortunei x Goldsworth Orange) Large pink flowers with colored calyx, yellow throat. Reuben cross.
OLD FAITHFUL (83-19) (Frazer #2 x Mars) Good deep red flowers.
ORANGE SHERBET (88-24) (fortunei x Goldsworth Orange) Pale salmon, trumpet floret, late.
OUTLOOK (87-26) (Westbury x Mary Garrison) Unusual floret and truss, pink.
PANTALOONS (87-09) (Madonna x double white) Fine white trumpet floret, with white calyx extending over neck of trumpet.
PARFAIT (87-22) (Annie Dalton x fortunei Cream #2) Good habit. Pink, cream, multicolor flowers.
POMPOM (Moser’s Maroon x Marcat) Late bloomer. Full hose-in-hose dark red flowers
RADIANT (87-34) (Parsons Pink x Honeydew) Terrific plant. Spectacular large fluorescent pink flower trusses.
RED SPLENDOUR) (86-14) [(Mars x yakushimanum) x (Cadis x Witchdoctor)] Red flowers. George Ring cross.
RELIANT (calostrotum x Arctic Pearl ) #2 Lepidote April Floriferous, pink flowers
SHASTA (Madonna x Dexter’s Spice) Late blooming. Fragrant large white flowers.
SHIMMER (88-04) [(Ted’s Yellow x (vernicosum x (Nereid x discolor)} Compact plant. Peachy pink flowers with a cream throat.
SMOKY MOUNTAIN (vernicosum x Hardy Giant) #1 Sister plant to Great Smoky. Similar color but different habit. Strong grower. Lavender with purple blotch.
SUNBEAM (88-01) (Ted’s Yellow selfed) #1 Wide truss, ruffled pure yellow flowers. Floriferous.
SUNBIRD (88-02) (Ted’s Yellow selfed) #2 Flowers have a cream throat, blending to shrimp pink edges.
SUNBLOSSOM (87-16) [(sutchuense hybrid x Nestucca) x Ted’s Yellow] Large light yellow flowers.
SUNBONNET (87-4A) [(sutchuense hybrid x Nestucca) x Ted’s Yellow] Maybe the deepest yellow of the cross. All seedling (20-30) yellow – large floret – many buds, no truss.
SUNBOW (87-4B) [(sutchuense hybrid x Nestucca) x Ted’s Yellow] Large light yellow flowers.
SUNBURST (87-12) [(vernicosum 18139 x Prelude) x macabeanum] Needs shade. Large light peach flowers.
SUNFISH (88-30) [(fortunei x haematodes) x Mary Belle] x Ted’s Yellow)] Light yellow flowers with deeper yellow throat and red blotch.
SUNFLOWER (88-13) (Catfortcampy #2 x Ted’s Yellow) Big flat florets, medium yellow.
SUNGLOW (Skyglow x lacteum hybrid) Light yellow flowers.
SUNNY (88-08) (Catfortcampy x lacteum x Skipper) Large flat cream flowers.
SUNRAY (88-28) [(Catfortcampy x lacteum hybrid) 2B x [vernicosum x (Nereid x discolor)] Yellow flowers, outside reddish.
SUNSET (87-28) [(Catfortcampy x lacteum hybrid) x [vernicosum x (Nereid x discolor)] Floret yellow inside, outside reddish.
SUPERBA (87-31) (fortunei x Goldsworth Orange) Floriferous. Large peachy pink flowers in a perfect truss.
SWANNONA (88-14) (white fortunei x Ted’s Yellow) High truss, seven lobes. White flowers with greenish yellow throat.
THUNDERATION (racemosum x keiskei) Beautiful, reliable, compact plant. Rounded leaves. Blush color flowers. Early bloom.
TIPTOP (78-14) (Margaret Dunn x Nestucca) Pale yellow flowers.
TUFFET Dense plant, dark shiny foliage, large light pink florets from heavily budded plant. April bloom. Can be considered dwarf.
TRUST (88-27) (Ted’s Yellow selfed) #3 Creamy peach flowers with a blotch.
24 CARET (keiskei x Nearing’s xanthocodon) (Lepidote) Very early bloomer. Superior to keiskei. Hardy, heat tolerant. Yellow flowers.
VARIANT (86-09) (Westbury x Mary Garrison) Unusual star-shaped corolla.
VULCAN’S SHADOW (87-18) (Mars x griersonianum) Bright red flowers. Same Parentage as Vulcan.
WHITEWATER, NORTH CAROLINA [Catalgla x (fortunei x Maddnna)] 6′ Mid­ May-20 Large (6″ x 6″ ) truss. Wavy white flowers with green blotch.