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Stewart Azaleas

‘Carolyn & Paul’
Azalea ‘Carolyn & Paul’, Photo by Carolyn Beck

Legacy Lead: Carolyn Beck ⇐ Click to send Carolyn an email

Hybridizer: Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart is a member of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Azalea Society of America. Over the years Bob has been a prolific and well known hybridizer. Bob resides in Springfield, VA and started hybridizing in 1990. His approach was to cross tender plants with more hardy varieties, considering factors such as bloom time, symmetry, size, hardiness and substance of the flowers. Bob named many of his varieties after family members. Other “unnamed” plants are numbered using the prefix RBS.

Bob Stewart, Springfield, VA
Photo by Carolyn Beck

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The Garden and Hybridizing Program of Bob Stewart Carolyn Beck