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Linwood Hardy Azaleas

‘Edward M. Boehm’
Azalea ‘Edward M. Boehm’, Photo by Carolyn Beck

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Hybridizer: G. Albert Reid

Dr. Charles Fisher, Jr. started in 1950 to develop hardy azaleas for greenhouse forcing in Linwood, NJ, U.S.A. In 1953 G. Albert (Al) Reid took over the project to develop hardy azaleas with good plant habit, foliage, flower quality life, and for forcing. In 1967 Al Reid retired and took over the project to continue developing hardy azaleas. Accordingly Dr. Fisher kept the Linwood varieties best suited for the commercial florist needs. There is no common background for the Linwoods. They are a heterogenous conglomeration of azalea crosses including back and sibling crosses, and the records are incomplete. Hardy parents included Kurume and Kaempferi Hybrids plus Indian greenhouse forcing varieties.

Many of the Linwoods were distributed under number for testing such as 0-9, C-14, L18, and these numbers follow the cultivar name. Numbered Linwood seedlings are listed as parents, but the actual parents of the numbered seedling is unknown; with information only on the following K28: a hardy 'Macrantha' from Bobbink and Atkins, K7: 'Salmon Spray', A3'Fisher hybrid azalea and E9: a 'Hexe' X 'Vervaeneana' seedling. Others such as N4, N3, Gables 38G are numbered seedlings with no information available. Others such as `Konia' and 'Koenig' may be incomplete names for Indian greenhouse azaleas.

Above information taken from Azaleas, by Fred C. Galle, p. 202, © 1987 by Timber Press, Inc.

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