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‘Fuku-rokuju’ [Satsuki]

Cultivar: Group: Color: Blooms: Type: Reg Ref:
‘Fuku-rokuju’ Satsuki Evergreen
Height: Width: Hardy: Other Name(s): Seed Parent: Pollen Parent:
Zone 7 'Fukurokuju' ‘Izayoi’ ‘Kinkazan’
Densely branched, slow growing. Flowers variable: 1) white with a few flakes of light pink and occasional dark pink sectors. Single, broad funnel-shaped with oval lobes, the upper three overlapping and the lower two slightly spaced, keeled (appearing notched), wavy edges, 3” wide. Leaves small. Zone 7. ‘Izayoi’ x ‘Kinkazan’. Meaning of the name: name of a Japanese goddess, saint of happiness, wealth, and longevity. PI 127662, 1938. BG 0912.