Starting January 1st, seed is distributed to ASA members and contributors on a first come, first served basis. Starting March 1st, seed is distributed to anyone on a first come, first served basis. The seed lots are in alphabetic order by seed parent name. All seed not distributed before the annual convention will be offered for sale there.

Seed is packaged approximately 50 seeds in a #1 coin envelope, at a cost of $2.00 per envelope. U.S. shipping and handling costs are an additional $3.00 per total order. Seed orders will be sent by first class mail.

A bold crossed out number such as 132 shows that seed lot is sold out and should not be ordered. Seed from previous years is not available even though the numbers on those lists may not be crossed out.

Click on 2023 Azalea Seed List to download the seed list as a Microsoft Excel document.,,

Nomenclature: (by example) x132 = sold out seed lot



PloidyDonor(atlanticum X Fragrant Star) OPDecOP6xOPPerkins(atlanticum X Fragrant Star) X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
6xX4xPerkins(atlanticum X Fragrant Star) X CherokeeDec
6xX4xPerkins(atlanticum X Fragrant Star) X Smoky MountaineerDec
6xX4xPerkinsalabamense Nancy Calloway OPDecOP2xOPPerkinsalabamense Nancy Calloway X Canobie ConundrumDec
2xX4xPerkinsalabamense Nancy Calloway X Dawn at the RiverDec
2xX4xPerkinsalabamense Nancy Calloway X Smoky MountaineerDec
2xX4xPerkinsalabamense Nancy Calloway X Weston’s MagicDec
2xX4xPerkinsAnne’s Smile OPDecOP3xOPPerkinsAnne’s Smile X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
3xX4xPerkinsApricot Surprise X Pleasant ProgressDec
4xX4xPerkinsarborescens early X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinsarborescens White Lightning X colemanii WoodlandersDec
2xX4xPerkinsarborescens White Lightning X Lost labelDec
2xX?Perkinsatlanticum Marydel X Dawn at the RiverDec
4xX4xPerkinsatlanticum Marydel X Garden RainbowDec
4xX4xPerkins(Canobie Conundrum X Fragrant Star) X XFragrant Star-6xDec
4xX6xPerkins(Canobie Conundrum X Fragrant Star) X SCunliff yellow-6xDec
6xX6xPerkins(Canobie Conundrum X Fragrant Star) X Smoky MountaineerDec
6xX4xPerkins(Canobie Frosting X Canobie Coocheecoo) OPDecOP3xOPPerkins(Canobie Frosting X Canobie Coocheecoo) X CherokeeDec
3xX4xPerkins(Cherokee X Fragrant Star) #2 X XFragrant Star-6xDec
6xx6xPerkins(Cherokee X Fragrant Star) 6x best OPDecOP6xOPPerkins(Cherokee X Fragrant Star) best X (cumberlandense X calendulaceum) (4x)Dec
6xX4xPerkins(Cherokee X Fragrant Star) best X My MaryDec
6xX4xPerkins(Chickasaw X Fragrant Star) X XFragrant Star-6xDec
6xX6xPerkins(Choptank Rose X Fragrant Star) X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
6xx4xPerkins(cumberlandense X calendulaceum) (4x) X SCunliff yellow 6xDec
4xX6xPerkins[(Canobie Conundrum X Fragrant Star) X (Cherokee x Fragrant Star)] X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
6xX4xPerkins[(Canobie Coocheecoo X Fragrant Star) X (Cherokee X Fragrant Star)] OPDecOP6xOPPerkinscalendulaceum Cherokee X Dawn at the RiverDec
4xX4xPerkinscalendulaceum Cherokee X MarydelDec
4xX4xPerkinscalendulaceum Cherokee X Spring RainbowDec
4xX4xPerkinscalendulaceum Molten Lava X Dawn at the RiverDec
4xX4xPerkinscalendulaceum Molten Lava X Weston’s MagicDec
4xX4xPerkinscanescens Canobie Candy X CherokeeDec
2xX4xPerkinscanescens Canobie Candy X Smoky MountaineerDec
2xX4xPerkinscanescens Canobie Candy X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinscanescens Creel X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinscanescens Long Island X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinsCanobie Coocheecoo X Spring RainbowDec
4xX4xPerkinscumberlandense ASA orange X eastmanii MCDec
2xX2xPerkinscumberlandense ASA red X colemanii WoodlandersDec
2xX4xPerkinsDawn at the River X Apricot SurpriseDec
4xX4xPerkinseastmanii OPDecOP2xOPPerkinseastmanii X aemulansDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X arborescens earlyDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X arborescens White LightningDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X calendulaceum Mount Rodgers redDec
2xX4xPerkinseastmanii X colemanii WoodlandersDec
2xX4xPerkinseastmanii X flammeum Blue SpringsDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X flammeum Sawnee Mountain orange/redDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X prinophyllum StoddardDec
2xX2xPerkinseastmanii X Wayah CrestDec
2xX2xPerkins[(flammeum red X Snowbird) X Smoky Mountaineer] X CherokeeDec
3.5xX4xPerkinsGarden Rainbow X Canobie ConundrumDec
4xX4xPerkinsGarden Rainbow X luteumDec
4xX4xPerkinsGolden Showers X canescens I10 Rest StopDec
2xX2xPerkinsGregory Bald #1 X Canobie ConundrumDec
2xX4xPerkinsGregory Bald #1 X Canobie ConundrumDec
2xX4xPerkinsGregory Bald #1 X SCunliff yellow 6xDec
2xX6xPerkinsIridescence X Ribbon CandyDec
2xX2xPerkins(My Mary X Fragrant Star) X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
6xX4xPerkinsMariana of Coimbra OPDecOP4xOPPerkinsMiss B. Haven X Mountain Man TMeridithDec
2xX4x?Perkins(occidental X cumberlandense) X CherokeeDec
2xX4xPerkins(occidental X cumberlandense) X Dawn at the RiverDec
2xX4xPerkins(occidental X cumberlandense) X Weston’s MagicDec
2xX4xPerkins(Park’s Deep Pink x Canobie Conundrum) X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
3.5xX4xPerkins(Park’s Deep Pink X Canobie Conundrum) #11 X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
5xX4xPerkins(Park’s Deep Pink X Canobie Conundrum) X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
3.5xX4xPerkins(Park’s Deep Pink X Smoky Mountaineer) #2 X Pleasant ProgressDec
3.5xX4xPerkins(Park’s Deep Pink X Smoky Mountaineer) X Pleasant ProgressDec
3.5xX4xPerkins(prunifolium X arborescens) Lazy K X CreeksideDec
2xX2xPerkins[(Park’s Deep Pink X Canobie Conundrum) X Smoky Mountaineer] X MarydelDec
4.5X4xPerkins[(Park’s Deep Pink X Canobie Conundrum) X Smoky Mountaineer] X Pleasant ProgressDec
4.5X4xPerkinsPark’s Deep Pink x Canobie Conundrum OPDec
3xX4xPerkinsPark’s Deep Pink X Molten LavaDec
3xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Appalachian Spring X Apricot SurpriseDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Canobie Frosting X CherokeeDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Canobie Frosting X MarydelDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Canobie Frosting X My MaryDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Canobie Frosting X Smoky MountaineerDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Canobie Frosting X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Cumberland Plateau X CherokeeDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Cumberland Plateau X Smoky MountaineerDec
2xX4xPerkinspericlymenoides Cumberland Plateau X Spring RainbowDec
2xX4xPerkinsPleasant Progress OPDecOP4xOPPerkinsprinophyllum Baker Natural Area WCDec
2xWCPerkinsprinophyllum East Fork Nursery X Dawn at the RiverDec
2xX4xPerkinsprinophyllum Lovern Mills fast growth WCDec
2xWCPerkinsprinophyllum Lovern Mills WCDec
2xWCPerkinsprunifolium Hohman X canescens I10 rest StopDec
2xX2xPerkinsprunifolium Wedu X alabamenseDec
2xX2xPerkinsprunifolium Wedu X canescens Burnt GroceryDec
2xX2xPerkinsprunifolium Wedu X colemanii Flat Creek TetraDec
2xX4xPerkinsprunifolium Wedu X periclymenoides Lavender GirlDec
2xX2xPerkinsprunifolium Wedu X Sweet SeptemberDec
2xX2xPerkins(Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer) OPDecOP4xOPPerkins(Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer) X SCunliff yellow-6xDec
4xX6xPerkinsSCunliff yellow 6x OPDecOP6xOPPerkinsserrulatum 5127 X calendulaceum Wine Spring apricotDec
2xX4xPerkinsserrulatum 5127 X colemanii FLAT CREEK TETRADec
2xX4xPerkinsSilvia of Coimbra OPDecOP4xOPPerkinsSilvia of Coimbra X (cumberlandense X calendulaceum) (4x)Dec
4xX4xPerkinsSilvia of Coimbra X (Skinner #166 X Smoky Mountaineer)Dec
4xX4xPerkinsSilvia of Coimbra X [Canobie Coocheecoo X Fragrant Star) X (Cherokee X Fragrant Star)]Dec
4xX6xPerkinsSilvia of Coimbra X XFragrant Star-6xDec
4xX6xPerkinsSmoky Mountaineer X CherokeeDec
4xX4xPerkinsSmoky Mountaineer X MarydelDec
4xX4xPerkinsSmoky Mountaineer X Pleasant ProgressDec
4xX4xPerkinsSmoky Mountaineer X Spring RainbowDec
4xX4xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X (Canobie Conundrum X Fragrant Star)Dec
4xX6xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X CherokeeDec
4xX4xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X Dawn at the RiverDec
4xX4xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X MarydelDec
4xX4xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X My MaryDec
4xX4xPerkinsSpring Rainbow X Weston’s MagicDec
4xX4xPerkinsSweet September X periclymenoides Lavender GirlDec
2xX2xPerkinsviscosum montanum X austrinum Gulf Breeze pinkDec
2xX4xPerkinsWayah Crest X colemanii WoodlandersDec
2xX4xPerkinsWayah Crest X CreeksideDec
2xX2xPerkinsWayah Crest X eastmanii MCDec
2xX2xPerkinsWeston’s Magic X MarydelDec
4xX4xPerkinsX(cumberlandense X calendulaceum)-4xDec
?X4xPerkinsLady Barbara X Lemon DropDecHP
NemmerSomeday Soon X viscosumDecHP
NemmerTangelo X Edith DavisDecHP
NemmerCecile X colmaniiDecHP
Nemmerjaponicum X molleDecHP
NemmerEmma Sanson X King’s RedDecHP
NemmerSummer Stars X June BrideDecHP
NemmerSummer Stars X Pink Alabamense HybridDecHP
NemmerKing’s Red X Arnenson GemDecHP
Nemmercolmanii X austrina (Earl’s Gold)DecHP
NemmerPink Alabamense Hybrid X King’s RedDecHP
NemmerChoptank River Sweet X Arnenson GemDecHP
Nemmerperclymenoides X japonicumDecHP
Nemmerperclymenoides X PinkDecHP
Nemmer(Pink & Sweet X Lemon Ice) X calendulaceum “Tangelo”DecHP
NemmerWeston’s Innocence X Pink & SweetDecHP
Nemmercolmanii X MarydelDecHP
NemmerPink & Sweet X Banana JoeDecHP
Nemmer(Marydel X My Mary) X Choptank River SweetDecHP
Nemmer(My Mary X Klondyke) X (colmanii X Klondyke)DecHP
Nemmerpericlymenoides # 1 Crawford County PaDecHP
Nemmerpericlymenoides # 2 Crawford County PaDecHP
NemmerMarydel X (colmanii X Klondyke)DecHP
Nemmerviscosum X Lemon DropDecHP
NemmerKing’s Red X CecileDecHP
Nemmerviscosum X Girard Nursery StrainDecHP
Nemmercolmanii X Choptank River SweetDecHP
Nemmer(My Mary X Choptank River Sweet) X TangeloDecHP
NemmerMarydel X Choptank River SweetDecHP
NemmerChoptank River Sweet X austrinum “Apricot”DecHP
NemmerCecile X KlondykeDecHP
NemmerVerdie Sommerville X Elizabeth LaneDecHP
Nemmercolmanii X Hurricane Creek 200DecHP
NemmerMarydel X austrinum “Apricot”DecHP
Nemmercolmanii X Choptank River SweetDecHP
NemmerPink Alabamense Hybrid X (Lemon Ice X Pink & Sweet)DecHP
Nemmeraustrinum “Apricot” X Choptank River SweetDecHP
NemmerCecile X Arneson GemDecHP
NemmerPink Alabamense Hybrid X June BrideDecHP
NemmerSandwhich Apple Blossom X fortuneiEliHP
Nemmercanescens Seedling from Vivian AbneyDecOP
Johnsonaustrinum Mixed from Ron MillerDecOP
JohnsonRed Max Seedling grown from Curtis Creek Seed
Johnsonatlanticum X Pink ChoptankDecOP
Johnsonarboresence Avery Co NCDecOP
Johnsonatlanticum (PinK)DecOP
Johnsoncalendulaceum Grayson Co VADecOP
Johnsoncalendulaceum Snake Mt Watauga Co NCDecOP
Johnsonpericlymenoides Avery Co NCDecOP
Johnsonpericlymenoides Susquahana River seed sourceDecOP
Johnsonprinophyllum Steddard NH seedlingDecOP
Johnsonprunifolium “Cherry Red” vigorous growerDecOP
Johnsonprunifolium seedling from Vivian AbneyDecOP
Johnsonvaseyi Dark pink our gardenDecOP
JohnsonRed Demon X Arneson GemDecHP
GriffithRed Pepper X King’s RedDecHP
GriffithRed Pepper X (Wallowa Red x austrinum)DecHP
GriffithKings Red X Ray’s Peach ExburyDecHP
GriffithWallowa Red X austrinum “Don’s Varigated”DecHP
Griffith(Wallowa Red X alabamense) X Red DemonDecHP
Griffith(Wallowa Red X alabamense) X Radiant RedDecHP
Griffith(Wallowa Red X alabamense) X Red VelvetDecHP
Griffith(viscosum X arboresence x cumberlandense) X Wallowa RedDecHP
Griffith(viscosum X arboresence x cumberlandense) X Electric Light RedDecHP
Griffithprunifolium X CecileDecHP
GriffithRobert E Lee X Fragrant StarDecHP
GriffithRobert E Lee X Mandarin LightsDecHP
GriffithClear Creek X Admiral SemmesDecHP
PaceNicole O Sommerville selectionDecOP
Pacearborescence X prunifoliumDecOP
PaceMike Creel Su 92DecOP
PaceGregory Bald SeedlingDecOP
PaceSunstruck AromiDecOP
PaceWalter LigonDecOP
PaceJesse Benton Strickland selectionDecOP
PaceClear Creek AromiDecOP
Paceaustrinum X Hot Spur YellowDec

PacePink CaroselDecOP
PaceGreat Balls of Fire AromiDecOP
Paceatlanticum X austrinum “Gold”Dec

Pacecalendulaceum Pace # 10DecOP
PaceWinnie Bee Ray Head selectionDecOP
Pacecalendulaceum “Currahee” Beasly selectionDecOP
PaceFawn Glen DaleEvgOP
PacePocono PinkEvgOP
PaceGirard’s Sandra AnnEvgOP